Uta Hagen's Respect for Acting: How to Do a Character Analysis

I. Who am I?

II. What time is it?

a. In life

i. Emotionally

ii. Status

b. In present time

i. Season

ii. Month

iii. Year

iv. Time of Day

III. Where am I?

a. Where and when in present?

IV. What are my surroundings?

a. Physical

b. Emotions surround the “being” too

V. What are my given circumstances?

a. Time

b. Place

c. Where

d. When

i. How did I get here?

ii. Who brought me here?

VI. What is my relationship?

a. Relationship Outline:

i. How do I feel about others around me?

ii. What do others think of me?

VII. What do I want?

VIII. What is in my way?

** Adapted from Frankel, Haskel, and Uta Hagen. Respect for Acting. New York, NY: Wiley, 1973.