Submit Your Cast Bio

Olmsted Performing Arts prints biographies of its actors in its show programs. In order to ensure that your/your child’s biography will be included, please make sure to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The biography should include a short description of past theater experience, personal interests, age, thank-yous to friends or family, or any other information you would like to include.
  • Biographies should be written in third-person; if they are not, they will be edited as such.
  • Olmsted Performing Arts reserves the right to censor your biography as it sees fit. In the event that OPA deems something you have written as inappropriate, it will be removed or changed before print.

The format of the biography should be as follows:

Jane Doe (The Queen of Hearts) Jane has participated in three shows, including Through the Looking Glass (Alice) and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Cheshire Cat). She has a pet kitten named Dinah and enjoys spending her time reading and chasing white rabbits. Jane would like to thank the Mad Hatter for his guidance and support in her fantastic adventures.

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