Babes in Toyland Cast Information

Congratulations to the cast and thank you to everyone who auditioned! Please review all of the information below and look for additional information on the Facebook cast page.

The cast of Babes in Toyland is as follows:

Mary Quite Contrary: Kayla Wiita

Tom: Jay Lee

Little Bo Peep: Aubrey Indorf

Little Miss Muffet: Aubree Stone

Curly Locks: Lindsey Weaver

Twin 1: Ayn Chung

Twin 2: Kaitlyn Bartholomew

Little Boy Blue: Will McLoney

Willie: Ben Miyares

Mrs. Piper: Erin Sharpe

Mother Goose/Narrator: Morganne Kaster

Lemonade Girls: Julia Green, Remi Reichlin, Kelsey Burdorff

Simple Simon: Ben Purdum

Jack Be Nimble: Kieran Foote

Barnaby: Jason Tait

Gonzorgo: Gavin Ditz

Rodrigo: Michael Boehm

Mr. Toymaker: Tom Mulloy

Grumio: Jarred Laska

Tree 1: Christy Krysinski

Tree 2Sarah Kamrass

Tree 3: Erin Sharpe

Jack: Elliot

Jill: Eve McLoney

Little Toymaker: Warren Burke

Little Gonzorgo: Orla Mulloy

Little Rodrigo: EJ Mihelich

Little Tom: Maximus Chung

Little BarnabyAtticus Chung

Raggedy Ann: Sarah Cracas

Raggedy Andy: Cade Cracas

Mother Goose Friends: Gabriella Ransom, Rachel King. Julia OBrien, Kieran Foote

Townspeople/Gypsies/Lemonade Girls/Trees/Toy Soldiers:

Isabella Bixler, Ella Krysinski, Kat Krysinski, Elle Miklich, Madisen Mihelich, Stella Miyares, Addie Medved, Liam Kuzmickas, Jermaine White-Reid

Company Dancers: 

Heather Dennen, Miranda Keller, Megan Ferguson, Paige Boehm, Leslie Mihelich, Alexandra Cummings

Solos and features for company will be given at rehearsal. If your or your child’s name is incorrect on the cast list, contact Morganne Kaster.