Congratulations to the cast and thank you to everyone who auditioned!

The first rehearsal will be on Tuesday, January 24. Rehearsal will begin at 6:30 PM with an informational meeting. Any actors under the age of 18 must have a parent attend this portion of rehearsal; it will run approximately 30 minutes. Immediately following the informational meeting will be the initial script read-through. Your $195.00 training fee will also be due at this meeting. You may purchase an optional cast t-shirt/sweatshirt at that meeting as well for $20-$40. Contact Angela Boehm with any questions. If your or your child’s name is incorrect on the cast list, contact Jacquelynn Gaines.

Ariel/AquataPaige Boehm, Ariannah Gaiser
PilotRyan Kudlaty
Prince EricNicholas Urbanic
GrimsbyGavin Ditz
FlounderOwen Hill
ScuttleAubree Stone
SeagullsCaitlin Culler
Blake Ramella
Sammy Nguyen
King TritonTom Gorman
SebastianMichael Boehm
MersistersAndrina: Hailey Spikes
Arista: Toni Cangelosi
Atina: Alli Mutti
Adella: Kasey Hyde
Allana: Emily Kretschmer
Astella: Moriah Cavanaugh
Arihanna: Kelsey Burdorff
FlotsamEmerson Ford
JetsamPilar Lee
UrsulaJenna Gibson
Chef LouisRyan Kudlaty
SeahorsesLeeward: Sydney Stone
Windward: Kailey Hochevar
Maids*Jillian Beattie
Annika Thomas
u/s Hailey Csizmadia
Company**Kate Hugick
Kaitlyn Schmidt
Shelby Bennett
Addisyn Dixon
Makenna Hughmanic
Alyssa Gorman
Mallory Alvarez
Chloe Brill
Alana Brill
Grace Mackin
Sammy Nguyen
Maya Spitz
Madeline Nolte
Hailey Csizmadia
Tsambika Williams
Ellen McComb
Ayn Chung
Samantha Zemla
Sophia Welsh
Evelyn Steinman
Chelsea Welsh
Addison Long
Garrett Nolte

*Maids will also be in company
**Company will be separated into the following groups/numbers at a later date: Seagulls/Chefs/Sea Creatures/Sailors