Fall Theater Classes

The Fall Theater Session is 18 weeks long. The 2018 session dates are:
September 3, 2018 – January 19, 2019.

Theater Class Catalog

For Students Ages 4-6

This class, devoted to our youngest actors, encourages children to explore their creativity through make-believe play. Children will use their imagination to gain confidence in improvisation, character development, and stage presence. Learning through theater games and acting exercises, as well as performing a small script, is a wonderful way to introduce young children to the world of acting.

For Students Ages 6-12

During each 1 hour, 15 minute class, the students will learn performance skills in a fun and educational way while also rehearsing for an exciting musical! At the end of the session, the students will put on a show for an audience to get them accustomed to being on stage! Each class registration includes the recital fee, an exclusive t-shirt (to be worn during the performance), and unlimited tickets to the show. All seating for the performance is general admission. More details about the performance here.

For Students Ages 7-12

This class will build a play from the ground up! Students will exercise creativity as they write their own play, learn how to create and develop characters, and ultimately perform their masterpiece in class! Students will learn about the playwriting process and what it takes to put on a show! Through fun games and team building exercises, the class will work together to create their very own, one of a kind, performance!

For Students Ages 7-13

This dynamic class combines all of the training that creates the ultimate triple threat! Students will learn correct vocal technique to combine with choreography and scenes. Students will learn how to sing strongly, dance confidently, and make great character choices! No pre-requisites required for enrollment.

For Students Ages 8-14

Learn the art of Improv! Students will create compelling characters and interesting storylines through the use of improvisational exercises. Through collaboratively working with scene partners the students will explore their creativity and feel comfortable making big and interesting choices when they create characters for performance!

For Students Ages 10-14

For those with little or no acting experience, here is a class that will give them a good taste of every element of acting for the stage. Students will learn the fundamentals of theater and acting. Instruction will include stage movement, vocal power/range, script analysis, character evaluation, improvisation, and work and both classical and comedic texts.