Fall Homeschool Classes

The Fall Homeschool Session is 18 weeks long. The 2018 session dates are:
September 3, 2018 – January 19, 2019.

Hoomeschool Class Catalog

For Students Ages 5-16

This class takes the children through all aspects of gymnastics, strength, and coordination all while having F-U-N! As time goes on, you'll see you child gain more confidence and self-esteem as their bodies get stronger and they master skills. Each week the children will have a chance to work on their tumbling skills; they will also have opportunities to practice on the balance beam, bars, rings, and vault.

For Students Ages 5-18

This 18-week fine arts program for homeschooled children is comprised of a 4-part training session including 50 minutes each for dance, music, acting, and gymnastics. At the conclusion of the program, students will perform in a production on stage, showcasing everything they have learned. The showcase is scheduled for Thursday, January 17. $200 for the first child; $175 for each additional child.