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Session Dates

The Fall 2017 session dates are September 5, 2017 – January 20, 2017.

Pricing and Discounts

The prices displayed are for the entire 18-week session. Please be sure to select your payment plan in the “How I’ll Pay” drop-down menu. Registrations made after the start of the session will be pro-rated accordingly. All payment plans (3-pay and 5-pay) require a $50 deposit which is due at the time of registration. An additional 10% discount will be applied in the following cases:

  • In the event that a student is enrolled in more than one class, each additional class will be discounted by 10% (with the exception of homeschool programming).
  • In the event that a family has more than one child enrolled in OPA’s programming, each additional child will receive a 10% discount.

**Maximum discount of 10% per class.
An annual registration fee of $25 is required for all students who participate in OPA’s lessons and classes. This fee will automatically be charged to your account on the anniversary of your first payment date.

Payment Plans and Due Dates

All pricing plans (3-pay and 5-pay) also require a $50 deposit.

Payment BreakdownDue Dates
Full-PayAt time of registration
(plus a one-time $5 fee)
(plus a one-time $8 fee)

Course Catalogue

CARTOONING (Ages 8–12)
Expand drawing skills in this expressive course. Learn basic drawing techniques in a fun way. Study proportion, exaggeration, and gesture through practical exercises and lots of practice. Hand lettering and application techniques create fun finished projects along the way. Tuition fee includes all supplies.